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The Varity Size Of Composite Trench Cover

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composite trench cover
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, which is one of the largest composite manhole cover manufacturer in China, specializing in producing and supplying SMC and BMC manhole cover, rain-grating ,tree-grating, flower pot, fence and so on. Our products are strictly produced according to the BS EN124 and have obtained various kinds of certificates. Till now, our competitive products not only have good market in domestic, but also owned a large overseas market with a high reputation.
The drainage cover produced by the resin composite material has the following advantages that other materials are irreplaceable: firstly, the material has no recycling value, has natural anti-theft characteristics, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high and low temperature resistance, can be used in a humid environment, or The area with large temperature difference is large, the drainage area is large, the drainage speed is fast, and the drainage work is carried out in rain and snow. The size of the composite trench cover can be customized to meet the span, size and shape of different loads.
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