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Cast Iron Manhole Cover Used In Traffic Road

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Reasons for wide use of cast iron manhole covers
As cast iron manhole cover is widely used in our daily life, its performance index is relatively stable and has been recognized by everyone. In order to better application, let's learn about the reasons why cast iron manhole covers are widely used.
At present, many of the nodular cast iron manhole covers used on the road are produced and processed by using ductile iron, because the ductile iron has very superior wear resistance and durability, so we can increase its strength with nodular graphite to ensure that it can achieve very ideal use effect in use. We use it to install and protect a lot of underground wells of electric equipment, so its quality is related to our use effect. Circular iron manhole cover is not easy to tilt in road construction, and can effectively protect the safety of people and vehicles passing through. Its strength is very good, even after some of our large vehicles are rolled, it will not cause tilt damage.
cast iron manhole cover
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