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Composite Materials Of Telecom Manhole Cover

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The telecom manhole cover materials:
Composite materials performance:
SMC composite material is used for special load-bearing manhole cover of gas station.
It is made of large-scale hydraulic equipment and molded at high temperature without reinforcement and other auxiliary materials. It is characterized by light weight, high wear resistance, high pressure bearing, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, explosion-proof and anti-static. This product conforms to the international standard and is comparable with the imported product. 
telecom manhole cover
Composite telecom manhole cover is a very popular manhole cover at present. It has the advantages of environmental protection, corrosion protection, beauty, light weight, etc., among which the corrosion resistance is outstanding. The composite manhole cover is acid resistant, alkali resistant, salt resistant and rust free, and can be used in various harsh environmental conditions. The composite manhole cover shall be inspected and accepted before delivery.
Composite manhole cover has a very strong anti-corrosion ability, do not worry about long-term sun and rain will cause damage to the composite manhole cover, so as to cause accidents. The pressure bearing capacity of composite telecom manhole cover is tested by professional software, and the new polymer material is forged by high temperature and high pressure, which can bear more than 90 tons.

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