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The Characteristic of PP Water Meter Box

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water meter box
Water meter box is a common civil infrastructure, which is widely used in the civil infrastructure construction of towers, large and medium size cities. The structural characteristics of the water meter box are as follows: the back of the box is open structure, the back of the side wass of the box is provided with an iniet pipe gap through which the water inlet  pipe passes. and the back part of the upper wass of the box body is provided with a water outlet pipe gap(note: the gap position of the inlet and outlet pipe is slightly different due to different production designs); the box includes multiple small box doors and a large box door; and observation windows and accounts can be configured according to actual needs single hole.
Characteristic of water meter box:
1 the color of water meter bos is mostly gray or black, with simple appearance;
2 the box has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and impact resistance;
3 the recyclable value of box materials is low; which can effectively acoid theft.
4 the box is not cracked and deformed, easy to use and easy to use and easy to maintain;
5the water meter box shall be equipped with multiple water control valves.
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