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The Feature of Composoite Tree Grating

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The main scope of use of tree grating has been expanded from part of the region to the whole country, especially in some developed areas, areas with relatively large traffic have begun to use tree shrews. Does the increase in the amount of use have any effect on the price of tree rafters? 
Generally speaking, tree grating is a product that has a stable production process, and its price is generally relatively stable. The main factor affecting the price is the rise and fall of raw materials. If the subdivision specifically includes: raw materials, specifications, labor costs, losses and other factors, when the price of these factors suddenly rises, it will definitely cause the price of finished products to rise.
FRP is more commonly used now, for two main reasons:
1, good quality, good comprehensive performance, especially simple to use, does not need to take too long;
2, the price is not high, and the comprehensive benefits are good, many users can afford it.
FRP profile products have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, high strength, and long service life. In addition, it is an anti-theft product. It does not need to worry about theft during use. It has high economic value and social significance.
Tree cricket
tree grating
1. Good environmental adaptability, it will not hinder the garden workers' management of trees after use, and installation and removal are very convenient.
2. The grille of FRP profile has high strength and is not easy to be broken. It can also be used in many places with high requirements for load bearing and strength;
3. The appearance is smooth, the colors are diverse, and the color is good. Many high-end places will be used more and more;
4. The service life is very long. After installation, it can be used for a long time, saving future replacements and reducing costs, so it has good economic benefits.
5, many specifications, flexible selection of materials, according to product performance requirements, you can choose the basic resin, fiber varieties, fiber alignment direction and so on.
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