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The Features Of Composite Inspection Manhole Cover

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More and more chemical manufacturers choose the composite manhole cover when they buy the manhole cover. First of all, let's take a look at the anti-corrosion ability of the composite manhole cover. The composite manhole cover has a very strong anti-corrosion ability. After soaking in sulfuric acid for 48 hours, the quality loss is not more than 1%. You can imagine how powerful its anti-corrosion ability is. Don't worry about long-term exposure to the sun and rain Damage caused by closing the manhole cover. The composite manhole cover has anti-static and fire-retardant properties. It adopts polymer resin composite material and long glass fiber sheet to enhance the load, instead of reinforcement framework, avoiding the phenomenon of tendon bone separation under high temperature and cold. After molding at high temperature, the test result is more than 900kn. No matter in terms of bearing capacity or service performance, it is fully combined with the service station, chemical plant and special environment Use requirements.
composite manhole cover
Glass fiber reinforced plastic manhole cover is made of unsaturated polyester resin as raw material, glass fiber as reinforcement material and certain filler added. Due to different technology, structural materials and reinforcement materials, the properties of inspection manhole covers made of are also quite different. At present, the mature technology is widely used in molding process. The molding process is laminating and pressing under certain temperature and pressure. The product structure is relatively dense, and different materials are used in different parts of inspection manhole cover. Continuous fiber reinforcement was used under the manhole cover. To ensure its bearing capacity: use fillers in the middle. In order to improve the anti deformation ability of the product and reduce the production cost: use the material with higher hardness and good wear resistance in the upper part of the product, so as to improve the compression resistance and wear resistance of the upper part of the product. Glass fiber reinforced plastic manhole cover has been gradually popularized due to its advantages of light material, high strength, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, brittleness resistance and easy processing. Create blue water and blue sky hand in hand with our customers.
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