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Recommend 2019 New Composite Resin Anti-Theft Manhole Cover

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The composite material molding process is flexible, and its structure and performance have strong designability. Manufacture of various components by one-shot molding method can improve the structural strength, and the performance of different parts of the component can be improved by the type of fiber and the design of different arrangements. By adjusting the composition, composition, and arrangement of each component of the composite material, the component can not only withstand different forces at different positions, but also can be made into a composite multifunctional product with contradictory properties such as rigidity, toughness and plasticity. Corrosion hazards are more pronounced in underground environments where traditional materials do not have a clear marine climate, coupled with stray current corrosion in subway projects, which greatly reduces the useful life of metallic materials.
What are the product advantages of composite manhole covers?
1. Strong anti-theft performance: Resin composite manhole cover is made of unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and reinforced steel skeleton through special production process. After high temperature grinding and pressing, the material has no use value and it is very difficult to take out the steel bar (rebar cost) (Beyond the value of steel), so it has the function of active anti-theft.
2. Large bearing capacity: the bottom adopts a special pan-bottom structure, which increases the area under load by a dozen times or even dozens of times. The continuous reinforcing fiber yarn used guarantees that the fiber yarn and the glass fiber cloth are integrated into one material, so that the product has sufficient bearing capacity.
3. Long service life: through the use of high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, to ensure the running-in of the resin in glass fiber, greatly enhance the adhesion between the two, so that the material under the action of cyclic loading, not Internal damage occurs, which guarantees the service life of the product and the same superiority of other resin composite manhole covers. Eliminate the disadvantages of poor adhesion.
4. Beautiful and practical, high-grade: According to customer needs, complex LOGO and a variety of colors can be made on the surface of the same manhole, personalized design, making the pattern delicate, colorful and clear. According to customer requirements, we can make all kinds of imitation stone surfaces and colors the same as various stone pavements.
5. High temperature / low temperature resistance, good insulation performance and strong corrosion resistance: the product is corrosion-resistant and has no metal additives, which has a significant insulation effect. Can be used in complex and changeable, harsh and demanding places. The product has been tested by relevant testing agencies and has obvious resistance to acid and alkali and corrosion.
6.Environmental protection, non-slip, low noise: This product does not slip, no harsh noise and anti-interference phenomenon after the car is rolled. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product and the tight closure of the cover and seat, it overcomes other problems such as "jumping, rocking, ringing, and shifting" of other inspection manhole covers.
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