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Characteristics Of Polymer Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tree Grating

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1, the performance is very stable, whether it is used in high temperature, or in corrosive acid and alkali occasions, the performance is not affected by it. In addition, the method of sandwiching sand in production can be used to achieve the characteristics of enhanced anti-skid performance.
2. Long life: Under the same conditions, the life of wood is only 1-2 years, the life of metal sheet is only about 3 years, and the life of FRP can reach more than 15 years.
3. Social benefits: In public places, the frequently used tree pool cover products often have security problems and are very easy to be stolen. FRP is made of composite materials and has no recycling value, which can effectively achieve theft prevention effect. Far-reaching social benefits.
4, high comprehensive value: from the production cost, construction cost, product performance characteristics, service life, maintenance work and other aspects of analysis, glass fiber reinforced plastic material tree pool cover is undoubtedly quite cost-effective.
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