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What Are The Characteristics Of FRP Grating

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FRP Grating
 Car wash station size:
 Standard parking space: 6 * 3 meters
 Small parking space: 2.44 * 4.88 meters
 Middle parking space: 3.66 * 4.88 meters
 Large parking space: 3.66 * 6.1 meters
 25mm thick: suitable for general drainage ditch, the width of the ditch does not exceed 30cm, and it can withstand a load of about 3 tons.
 30mm thick: suitable for drainage ditch and car washing stations, the distance between the support below is preferably not more than 40cm, and it can bear the load of about 3.5.
 38mm thick: suitable for drainage ditch and car washing stations, the support distance below (horizontal and vertical) is preferably not more than 50cm, and can carry about 4 tons of cars.
1. Light weight: its specific gravity is about 1.8 per cubic decimeter, and its weight is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum;
Second, high strength: its strength is ten times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength greatly exceeds aluminum, reaching 1.7 times that of ordinary steel;
3. Corrosion resistance: it is not rusty, mildew, non-corrosive, does not need paint, and can withstand the corrosion of many gas and liquid media;
4. fatigue resistance: FRP grille board has some elasticity, which makes people who have been working on it for a long time feel comfortable. As a working platform, it reduces the staff's legs and back
The sense of tension increases the comfort of work, thereby improving work efficiency, and has been recommended by ergonomics;
5. the comprehensive economic benefits are good: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, the comprehensive cost of FRP grid plates is low. Although its one-time investment is higher than ordinary carbon steel, due to its long service life, it is generally
It can be used for 20 years without maintenance, so its comprehensive economic benefits are much better than using carbon steel;
6. Convenient installation: The use of FRP gratings greatly reduces the weight of the components, thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure. The installation does not require the use of lifting equipment, which saves money.
7. Safety: In the process of installing and using FRP grid plate, no electric spark will be generated due to collision, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments. In addition, it has
Anti-skid grille prevents slipping and reduces accidents.
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