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What Requirements Should Composite Manhole Covers Meet in Product

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Composite manhole covers are beautified in urban construction roads, and are widely used in drainage systems. Not only meet environmental protection requirements, but also save floor space. Composite manhole covers should meet these requirements in practical applications:
1. The selection of composite manhole cover shall be determined according to the components such as the delivery medium of the drainage pipeline, the location of the premises, the diameter of the wellbore and the tubing of the well.
2. The cover of sewage pipeline inspection well shall be marked with "fouling", and the cover of rainwater pipeline inspection well shall be marked with "rain".
3. The inspection well indicates that in addition to the special bead requirements, the upper cover of the composite well cover of the sewage inspection well with a protective cover seat should also be provided with an inner cover.
4. Determine the bearing capacity of the composite manhole cover used. Obtain the corporate standards for composite manhole cover companies and view the bearing capacity of composite manhole covers specified in the enterprise standards.
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