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The Advantages of Tree Grating

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With the development of urban construction, we can see that the rows of tree pits on the road are covered with boards. It is not something else. It is the tree grating that we often hang by our mouths. It is also called the tree pool cover. , Tree rafters, tree Waizi and so on. The role of the tree guard is to protect the trees, prevent soil erosion, prevent soil looseness, and facilitate the tree to grow upright. There are many tree pits that are shorter than the sidewalk. Pedestrians are likely to trip or step in the air when the vision is blurred. This is very dangerous Yes, using a tree guard can prevent this from happening.
Tree guards can be divided into metal materials and non-metal composite materials according to their materials.
Metal tree guards are generally cast iron tree guards. Such tree guards have a high load carrying capacity, but metal iron is a lively element that easily undergoes oxidation reactions with water vapor and is easily rusted. Iron also has a high value for recycling. Theft is prone to occur, which is very unsafe, so anti-corrosion and anti-theft treatment must be done during installation, and regular inspection and maintenance work is also required. The use of cast iron tree guards is relatively expensive.
Resin tree guards are made of high-quality composite materials. After high temperature molding, the materials have no recycling value and have natural anti-theft characteristics. Then the composite material is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high and low temperature, flame retardant and antistatic. It also increases the service life of the resin tree guard. The appearance conditions are also very easy to meet, whether it is color, style, pattern, brand, The patterns can be realized one by one according to the user's design.
As a manufacturer of tree guards, it is very important to ensure the quality of the products. I also hope that when you buy, you must find a high-quality tree rafter manufacturer. Safety is no small matter and responsibility is greater than heaven.
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