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Which Trench Cover Should Be Used At The Gas Station?

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The gas station is an area where large cars and small cars will pass, so the manhole cover and trench cover of the gas station must meet the load-bearing capacity of all models. Needless to say, the load-bearing standard of the manhole cover must reach 80 tons. What about the requirements of the trench cover? Ditch cover plates are generally installed around the corners of gas stations, with a load capacity of 50-80 tons, and the commonly used sizes are 340 * 500 * 60mm and 350 * 500 * 60mm.
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With the increase of the service life, the traditional cast iron trench cover plates will be gradually phased out. The reasons are that the cast iron material is easy to be stolen, and it is easy to rust over time. The more important point is that it is easy to cause during installation and maintenance. Sparks, which are very dangerous for gas stations.
Gas station trench cover
SMC composite material is a high-strength sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are composed of GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additives, MD (filler) and various additives. The high-quality SMC composite material is selected and molded at one time under high temperature molding. The cover plate has no recycling value, has natural anti-theft characteristics, strong toughness and high bearing capacity. It can achieve high bearing capacity without reinforcement, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and flame retardant. Features such as anti-static are very suitable for applications in hazardous areas such as gas stations, chemical plants, etc., and have won the trust of users with absolute advantages, and have become one of the products that are now vigorously promoted.
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