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Glass Fiber Alkali-free Composite Gas Station Bearing SMC Ma

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This product has the characteristics of sealing, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-corrosion, chemical solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It is specially used in the petroleum, petrochemical industry and gas stations and gas stations throughout the country. Special conductive waterproof round composite manhole cover, consisting of resin manhole cover, base and waterproof sealing ring, inner cover four parts, cover diameter 900MM, commonly used in manhole wells in the driving area of ??the front yard of gas stations, extra high load bearing Can reach the national standard, European standard D400.
The special load-bearing SMC manhole cover of the gas station uses smc composite material, which is a large-scale hydraulic equipment. It is molded under high temperature conditions and does not include other auxiliary materials such as steel bars. It is characterized by light weight, high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, and high temperature resistance. Resistant to various chemical corrosion, explosion-proof, anti-static. This product complies with international standards.
Resin manhole cover
1. Light weight, gas station manhole cover weighs only 1/4 of iron cover, engineering installation and use of opening and closing is light and flexible.
2. Good self-locking, with self-locking function to prevent the manhole cover from jumping off the well seat after the car has passed.
3. High strength, the tensile strength of FRP material is equivalent to that of Q235 steel, the compressive strength is more than double that of C30X, and the impact resistance, vibration, fatigue, and fracture performance are better than those of steel and iron. , The strength safety conditions are easier to meet than iron manhole covers.
4. Anti-theft, glass fiber reinforced plastic products have no waste recycling value. Used as manhole covers can avoid the hidden danger of steel manhole covers that are often stolen and sold as waste products, thereby preventing traffic accidents caused by theft of manhole covers, causing people, cars to fall in or getting stuck in the well, and reducing owners Economic loss and accident liability.
5. Corrosion resistance: The characteristics of the manhole cover of the gas station of the composite material give the underground sealed waterproof well system high corrosion resistance performance, which can be used for a long time even in the corrosive environment of different acids, alkalis, salts, oil, and gas. The actual environment of the gas station.
6. Waterproofing: Resin cover cover of resin well cover is used together to achieve the overall system's waterproof effect. It can withstand long-term immersion in water under pressure, prevent water and debris from entering the well, and effectively protect dedicated equipment such as oil pumps and valves in the well. Oil and gas leakage was prevented, and oil infiltrated into the surrounding soil, which solved the potential risk of rainwater infiltration and manhole inspection wells and hand hole wells at refueling stations at gas stations.
7. Anti-static: It has anti-static function, which eliminates the potential electric spark danger caused by electrostatic friction at gas stations.
Gas station standard composite resin manhole cover has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, no static electricity, no sparks, etc.
SMC manhole cover
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