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How To Prevent Sinking Of Resin Manhole Cover After Installation

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The installation and construction of the resin manhole cover and the later use and durability of the manhole cover are very important. The common problem in the later use of the manhole cover is that it sinks a lot. Today we will analyze some common problems of the sinking of the resin manhole cover.
Before installing the resin manhole cover, it is necessary to pay attention to observe whether the loads of a large number of heavy overloaded vehicles and manhole covers in urban traffic are consistent. After the installation is completed and the damage caused by the well and the perimeter of the well cover is 2 cm away from the well seat, the road surface on the side will be affected. The impact of subsidence should be addressed in a timely manner.
1. The material of the slurry layer under the manhole cover is broken (usually cement mortar, but also some concrete). This phenomenon is common.
2. It is unreasonable to plan and lay pipelines within the scope of the motorway.
3. The wellbore masonry was damaged and the masonry mortar was loose.
4. There is a large difference in rigidity between the wells and the pathways around the wells. Due to their own weight and vehicle load, the settlement must be different.
5. Resin manhole cover well body and perimeter structure design scale is low, and there is no special reinforcement design for backfill of wellbore and various structural layers on perimeter well surface. If the type of overloaded vehicle is the same as the installed manhole cover, check the well and the surrounding area for damage. When the composite manhole cover and the well seat differ by 2 cm, the road surface on the side will be affected by subsidence and should be dealt with in a timely manner.
  Note: The installation height of the well seat must be consistent with the road surface when the resin manhole cover is installed. The poor operation of the construction staff and the subsequent ground changes have buried hidden dangers for the composite manhole cover.
Resin manhole cover
In order to ensure the normal use of composite inspection manhole covers, great attention should be paid to the installation quality, accurate dimensions, sturdy installation, easy opening, clean and beautiful appearance, according to the technical standards of composite manhole covers, formulate the installation details:
One. The inner diameter (or inner length X width) of the manhole cover must be greater than or equal to the reserved wellhead size, otherwise the bearing capacity will be greatly affected.
two. During the installation, the joint surface of the well and the concrete ground must be solid, and there must be no suspended places, otherwise it will be damaged by the roller and affect the service life during construction and installation.
three. When installing a manhole cover on an asphalt pavement, care must be taken to avoid construction machinery from directly rolling over the well seat. During pavement construction, a hole slightly larger than the well seat should be reserved on the pavement and placed after the asphalt is paved.
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