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Composite Well Cover Performance

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Heavy Duty composite manhole cover can be used for heavy vehicles and so on.
The compound well cover is the most ideal, advanced and incomparable with other moulds (such as rubber mould, plastic mould and FRP mould). In the process of continuous improvement and renewal, there is a well cover called Jupeng brand "Silicon plastic compound well cover", which has exceeded the industry standard of the Ministry of construction and basically reached the national standard.
composite well cover
The following four steps should be followed when installing the composite well cover:
Before installation, the foundation of well cover shall be neat and firm, and the inner diameter, length and width shall be determined according to the size of well cover.
When installing the composite well cover on the cement road surface, it should be noted that the masonry at the wellhead should be well poured with concrete, and a concrete protection ring should be established around the periphery for about 10 days.
When installing the composite well cover on the asphalt pavement, pay attention to avoid the construction machinery directly rolling the well cover and well seat to avoid damage.
In order to keep the well cover beautiful and clear of handwriting and pattern, pay attention not to dirty the well cover when pouring asphalt and cement on the road surface.
Problems found in the use of composite well covers:
There are many kinds and formulations of composite manhole covers, such as steel fiber concrete, glass fiber reinforced plastics, recycled resin, silicon plastic composite, polymer based composite, polymer composite, etc. Due to the short development time. Market competition is fierce. Businesses often cut corners in order to make profits. It is very difficult for users to check and judge the quality by simple methods such as appearance and hand feeling. Therefore, composite manhole covers must not be cheap to choose non-standard products.
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