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Composite Drainage Channel

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Product features of polymer composite drainage channel:
1. The plastic drainage ditch has the advantages of light weight, easy installation and strong bearing capacity;
2. Smooth surface, good drainage performance and low water absorption permeability;
3. Fast installation and low installation cost;
4. long life: anti aging, good stability, frost resistance and strong chemical resistance.
U-type drainage ditch is a linear drainage modular system, which has many types, a wide range of cover plates and sizes. It has various functions and can meet different needs of various users. The product is made of new building materials with energy saving and environmental protection as raw materials, and resin is used instead of cement in traditional concrete. It has the characteristics of high compression and bending resistance, frost resistance, non corrosion, non weathering, convenient installation, easy maintenance, integrated molding, beautiful appearance, etc. Equipped with ductile iron cover plate, it is suitable for g36 to e25 load levels specified in national standard jx125.
Plastic drainage ditch is applicable to parking lot, railway station platform, building ground surface, pedestrian area, landscape structure, industrial site, etc
composite drainage channel
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