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The Reason Why The Manhole Cover Is Designed To Be Round

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Manhole covers are usually designed on the road, and countries perople pass by every day. Therefore, attention should be paid to the safety of manhole covers in the design. If the manhole covers are designed as triangles or other shapes, the manhole covers are large than the wellhead in time, but there is still a risk of failling down.
However, if the design is round, the diameter of the circle is equal, as long as the manhole cover is a little larger than the well, it won't fall.
In addition, when the circumference of triangle, circle and square are equal, the area of circle is the largest, and it is convenient for perople to enter and leave, which is suitable for our body shape.
sewage manhole cover
If it is designed as a triangle or other shape, the two sides will form an angle, which may be injured in maintenance or repair. However, if the circular edge is an arc, there will be no injury, and the circular manhole cover has a large stress area.
The safety of the circular manhole cover is strong. When the vehicles passes by, the force is balanced and the edge will not be warped.
Moreover, the installation and handling of the round manhole cover is also convenient. When installing the round manhole cover, you can roll it slowly like a tire. The square manhole cover needs several people to lift it together, which is very inconvenient.
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