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What Are The Common Types Of Composite Telecom Cable Covers?

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China is a large power country. Composite telecom cable cover are used a lot.
So what are the types of cable covers? One is a concrete cable trench cover, and the other is a new type of composite cable trench cover.
Concrete cable trench cover
The concrete trench cover is mainly used for laying cable troughs. It has good slip resistance and is not prone to loss. More importantly, the concrete trench cover is particularly weather resistant. Therefore, it is used in daily use. In the middle, it will not need to be replaced frequently due to wind and sun, so the concrete cable trench cover is more suitable for outdoor use.
Composite power cover products 1. Composite power cover has strong anti-aging, corrosion resistance and long service life.
2. The weight of the composite power cover is easy to install and repair. This product uses composite materials with a lower density than cast iron as raw materials. The weight is about one-half of that of cast iron and cement products, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
 3. The composite power cover is beautiful and elegant. The product can be classified and colored according to different requirements.
 4. The composite power cover has good strength and large size span carrying capacity
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At present, our country is in the construction stage, and the development of the construction industry is booming. It is in full swing and spreads across all regions of the country. The architectural style is new and diverse. Zibo Best Energy Conservation Materials Co., Ltd. has been in the construction and decoration industry for many years, and has its own design team. The research and development and production of cable trench covers provide more options for the current growing market demand for metal building materials. The cable trench cover market has a wide market and a wide range of uses. It is mainly used to protect cables. It is an economical and long-awaited cable trench cover product that requires customers. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, long service life, and wide range of applications. Integrity and quality have won good market feedback.
composite telecom cable cover
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