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Protective Measures For Manhole Cover

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The safety protection work of manhole cover should start from the following points:
1. Real time monitoring: real time monitoring of the opening of the pipeline well cover.
2. Remote query: the well cover monitoring and management system regularly conducts patrol inspection on the equipment in the lower computer and the line, and automatically diagnoses the link fault.
3. Remote management: remote main control deployment, defense removal, centralized management, security and confidentiality.
4. Communication mode: establish communication network or wireless GSM public network by using existing or laying copper cable line.
5. Simple operation: maintenance personnel can skillfully apply system software in the shortest time.
6. Convenient management: display and archive of well cover faults, display various faults of pipeline wells in the jurisdiction on electronic map, and automatically store them in the system database.
7. Super wide range alarm: it can realize the network management of each well cover in a large area or even in the whole urban area.
8. Efficient alarm and precise strike: the command platform of the well cover monitoring management system can ensure rapid alarm and achieve the goal of precise strike, focusing on prevention and minimizing property loss.
9. Stable performance: the system has high stability to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; the hardware has built-in watchdog controller to improve the reliability of the system.
10. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: waterproof, anti rust, anti-corrosion, anti sediment design.
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