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Processing and Forming Process of Resin Composite Well Cover

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The so-called composite well covers are products made of various composite materials. Due to the diversity of raw materials, it is also difficult to produce well covers. So how to make composite well cover?
First of all, a variety of raw materials such as unsaturated polyester resin are crushed into small pieces, and appropriate proportion of fly ash is added to them, and these raw materials are fully mixed and heat treated. In addition, it is important to note that continuous mixing is required during this process to obtain a uniform ratio.
After treatment, the raw materials can be filled into the well cover mould, and the well cover mould can be placed on the press for pressing and holding until forming. In this step, the pressure control required for inhibition is very critical, usually controlled at about 150-240 tons. After pressing, the composite manhole cover is also placed in the curing furnace for heat forming treatment. After holding the heat curing treatment for 1-3 hours, the mold and the manhole cover can be taken out together. In this way, the whole process of composite well cover is finished.
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