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What Are The Advantages Of Smart Manhole Covers?

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In many large cities, we will find that roadside manhole covers are no longer ordinary manhole covers, but intelligent manhole covers full of technology.
Smart manhole cover is a manhole cover made of polymer glass fiber reinforced plastic resin. It not only prevents noise and shock, but also has an automatic alarm function. It is no longer "moving if you want to move." There is an electronic tag under the smart manhole cover. The manhole cover is secretly moved and generates an inclination of not less than 15 degrees, and it can timely and accurately send an alarm message to the intelligent management work platform of the urban management department. After the platform receives the alarm information, it uses the map pointing function to accurately grasp the position of the manhole cover for easy adoption. Corresponding measures.
Relying on the Internet of Things technology, urban manhole covers have become intelligent. The manhole covers we usually see on the road are more ordinary. Today, there is an "identity card" and a small disc. Through its built-in chip, we can collect all relevant information during the entire life cycle of production, transportation, installation, and maintenance. It also comes with information terminal sensors. As soon as the well cover is opened, it will immediately report to the background.
There is also a small groove on the side of the manhole cover. There are also sensors here. If the road area reaches a certain amount of water, it will also report immediately. The sensors inside can also monitor the turbidity, water flow, water speed and other information below.
With the "Internet of Things", abnormal manhole covers and a certain degree of sewage full network will alarm. In the past, accidents were handled before, and in the "Internet of Things" era, proactive handling was advanced. What are the advantages of intelligent manhole covers: anti-theft use of communication tube wells, anti-theft and loss prevention of all types of manhole covers, full water or water level can be judged, and displacement and movement direction references can be provided.
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