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What Are The Characteristics of High Quality Resin Manhole Cover

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The composite resin SMC manhole cover is made of high-quality SMC composite material and added to the filler ratio through professional process, so that the produced resin manhole cover has stronger mechanical properties after molding. SMC composite manhole cover is mainly used in high load area, with strong toughness, high bearing capacity, strong pressure resistance, good resilience, strong corrosion resistance, flame retardant and anti-static, etc. The most prominent feature is that the manhole cover has no recycling value, no need to do anti-theft. Processing, saving maintenance costs, light and hard, stable performance, high mechanical strength, can replace steel manufacturing machine parts and automobiles, ship shells, etc.
The BMC manhole cover also belongs to the composite manhole cover. The BMC block molding compound is used as the main material and is produced by high temperature molding. The bearing capacity of the manhole cover is lower than that of the SMC manhole cover. It belongs to the light manhole cover and is generally used for green belts, sidewalks and non-motorized. Lanes, etc. Then there are many manufacturers nowadays in order to please customers to continuously reduce the resin content, the resin content is reduced, which means the quality of the manhole cover and the load-bearing reduction. The price is of course lower. The customer pays more attention to such a manhole cover, nothing more than just seeing the price. Considering quality, this is not right and it is not safe.
The problem of manhole cover safety is a fact that we have never been able to ignore. Every year, many accidents occur because of the manhole cover problem. This is the last thing we want to see. As a successful manhole cover, first of all, its load-bearing level must meet national standards, which is the most basic. Then the anti-theft design, waterproof design, sealing design, noise problem of the manhole cover, etc., we also considered, the following design, the installation of the locking device on the manhole cover effectively solved the problem of the cover flip cover; The damping rubber ring solves the noise problem when the manhole cover is over the vehicle; the non-through hole manhole cover panel can prevent the garbage from entering the well to destroy the pollution equipment; pressing the sealing rubber strip on the edge of the cover greatly enhances the manhole cover. Sealing and waterproofing, so that the safety performance of the manhole cover has a comprehensive improvement, quality assurance and unique design, is the high quality manhole cover we need.
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