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Resin Manhole Cover Daily Maintenance Inspection Attention Product

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It is important to use the daily maintenance of the resin manhole cover. So what should you pay attention to in the daily maintenance inspection of the resin manhole cover?
1. Appearance monitoring: The surface of the manhole cover is neat, smooth and free of cracks. The pattern is clear and the handwriting is clear.
2. Base detection: appearance: no obvious welding defects. The diameter of the well circle is detected by a maintenance tool. The diameter of the control range is 40 mm in the size of the manhole cover. The bolt holes of the anchor bolts must be inspected with special type inspection tools.
3. Coordination and spray detection: The T-shaped rubber ring is matched with the well ring. The rubber ring is placed in the T-shaped groove to be flat, not long or short, and the bonding is firm, and the matching clearance is not more than 1 mm. The manhole cover and the well frame are assembled in a flat manner, without shaking or sounding, and the height of the cover and the frame does not exceed 1 mm. The T-shaped rubber ring is first sturdy and then sprayed, and the water well cover (ring) is sprayed evenly and without rust. In the well seat of the sewage inspection well, the T-seal strip is placed in the inner ring groove to form a silicone ring, which prevents the running, jumping and ringing of the inspection manhole cover, and increases the manhole cover and the inner ring mouth. The area of ??the contact and the stapler is increased, thereby avoiding the running, jumping and ringing of the manhole cover.
resin manhole cover
Resin manhole cover
Main features and advantages of composite manhole cover:
1. Energy saving and environmental protection: meet the needs of environmental protection and reduce mining.
2. Wide temperature range: It is suitable for use at -40°C-80°C ambient temperature.
3, cost-effective: for users to reduce costs, with resistance to damage, no flipping, no ultrasound, wear-resistant characteristics, service life of more than 30 years, cost-effective, low prices.
4, enhance the taste of fashion: beautify the city, can be classified and color, improve the city's taste.
5, high safety factor: anti-theft, for the safety of life and property to play a role.
6, easy to install and maintain: the same area, the same volume, composite wells are light, smart and easy to install, easy for later maintenance.
7, technical parameters up to standard: by the international authority inspection, compression, bending, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance and other indicators are better than cast iron products and concrete products.
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