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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Various Well Cover

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According to the material of well cover: there are several kinds of well cover used at present: cast iron well cover, cement well cover, silicon plastic well cover, polymer well cover, etc
1. Cast iron well cover
Cast iron well cover with ductile iron and grey iron
(1) Grey cast iron manhole cover:
It has a certain bearing capacity and is cheap, but it is brittle, easy to rust and easy to be stolen. It is mainly used in general bearing areas and residential areas
(2) Ductile iron manhole cover:
Compared with the gray cast iron well cover, the bearing capacity is improved, and the toughness of the material is relatively difficult to rust. However, prices have risen substantially, as well as being vulnerable to theft due to their recycled value.
In order to solve the problem of anti-theft, several cast iron well covers with locks have been developed. Although the safety problem has been improved to some extent, some people have broken the well covers, stolen the well covers, or because of the use of universal lock keys, professional theft cannot be prevented. And often because the lock rust and affect the opening of the gate.. the further increase of the cost has brought economic and use difficulties to the user
2. Cement well cover
The cement well cover is filled in steel frame with high-grade cement or mixed with steel frame or steel fiber in cement. It has strong steel property, high brittleness, no acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy aging, easy fracture and poor bearing capacity, resulting in the lack of another form of well cover. The cement well cover is gradually withdrawn from the market in many cities.
3. Silicone well cover
Silica gel manhole cover is a composite manhole cover made of fly ash, waste plastic, waste rubber and resin as adhesives. It is brittle in winter, with insufficient bearing capacity, soft in summer, and difficult to open under high temperature creep. It is mainly used in residential areas and auxiliary roads, not suitable for the main lane. It is easy to aging and short-lived
4. Polymer molding well cover
The new polymer composite well cover is suitable for mechanical automation production. Its load, safety, economy, corrosion resistance, decoration and other aspects have been well combined. Its bearing capacity has reached more than 50 tons of the national authority, so it is the only composite well cover that can completely replace the ductile iron manhole cover at present, which not only saves the material of well cover, but also ensures the well head Safety.
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