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The Origin Of The Art Manhole Cover

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The original function of inspection well cover is to shield the holes reserved for the maintenance of underground pipelines for the convenience of engineering personnel, which is its primary function and fundamental function.
It is for this reason that when people are delighted with the engraved classic building and the manhole covered with humanistic atmosphere for the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road, they have to regret that they have failed to fulfill their duties. Because these elegant inspection well covers just lack of function marks. The manhole covers with different styles in Japan and European and American countries are not marked with the function words conspicuously, which makes people feel bad. In people's consciousness, the cover of inspection well is the cover of underground pipe network first, not the simple artwork. On this basis, the extra patterns give people unexpected surprises and sensory enjoyment, which is the second. In other words, no matter how beautiful and tasteful the inspection well cover without functional identification is, it is no longer a real inspection well cover. Of course, we can also consider using Chinese pinyin to indicate the function, so as to avoid the suspicion that the words such as sewage will hinder the view and achieve the best of both worlds.
A better understanding of Shanghai's urban culture. On the other hand, if there are more practical functions of the manhole cover, its attraction will be greatly improved. 
So it seems that there are many articles to be done to cover the inspection well. By means of expressing the functions on the surface of the manhole cover, engraved with the excellent buildings of the city, depicting the cultural characteristics of the city, indicating the road signs and public facilities, the original plain manhole cover can integrate the functions of municipal facilities, heritage culture, public service, etc., and become an indispensable warm existence in the life of the citizens.
art manhole cover
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