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Quality of SMC Manhole Cover Export to Kenya

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After so many years of development of the manhole cover industry, the manhole cover is constantly updated. Before, there are many manhole cover problems no longer exist. Let's take a look at the diversified functions of our composite manhole covers. Today, we use the composite manhole cover, on the original basis, after countless efforts to innovate and transform. The SMC manhole cover has the advantages that the previous manhole cover does not have. It can be applied in various places, and has a long service life, high quality, and no maintenance problems. At present, most of the SMC manhole covers on the market have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, strong compressive capacity and large bearing capacity. The important thing is to have a good anti-theft system. The composite manhole cover has no steel structure. The whole cover body is made of new materials, which has no value of recycling. In this way, the theft of composite manhole cover is greatly avoided.
SMC manhole cover
The special waterproof circular SMC manhole cover for oil station is light in weight. On the premise of the same size and bearing capacity, the weight of waterproof SMC manhole cover is only 10% of that of cast iron manhole cover, which greatly reduces they daily workload and labor intensity of frequent opening after the manhole cover is installed(such as the oli metering work of gas station)
Oil tank manhole cover, also known as tank manhole inspection cover, oil tank manhole equipment well and oil tank manhole operation well, is designed above the tank manhole of gas station. It provides super large operation space for gas station maintenance personnel to enter the well to repair / repair oil pumps, valves and pipelines. It is also a channel for oil tank maintenance personnel to enter the tank for inspection, maintenance and cleaning, and can also be used alone as cable cover.
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