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Why You Want to Order Double Seal Manhole Cover?

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Manhole cover also have several different types and can be customized dimension.
Today let us talked about the double seal manhole cover:
First of all, the material is SMC(sheet molding compound), which have perfect performance.
double seal manhole cover
Manhole lid have stainless steel hole easy to handle and open it. 
Between manhole lid and frame have inner cap which can 100% waterproof and also have allen key, lock great with frame.
manhole cover
Pass load: 80tons to 100tons
Application: gas station, oil depot and other highway place.
Anti-aging: long service life, more than 30 years.
Anti-theft: the raw material no second value and the design we also add screw lock, perfect protect the product in the well.
Fire-retardant, anti-static and anti-leakage functions.
Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2004, manufacture and export manhole cover, drain grating, gully grating and telecom inspection cover. If you want to know more details, pls follow our website and welcome to inquiry.
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