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Why Do Many People Still Don't Know SMC Manhole Cover?

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As a new type of manhole cover, the composite manhole cover is also very designable. 
In the manhole cover industry there are three item:
1. The cement manhole cover is cheap, but the tightness is too poor, so it is excluded.
2. The cast iron manhole cover is expensive, heavy in water, but not easy to be washed away, but easy to corrode, maintenance is difficult in the later period, and the sealing is poor, so it is excluded.
3. The composite BMC manhole cover is low in price, but due to the special nature of the material, the locking device cannot be installed, so it is excluded. Composite SMC manhole cover, suitable price, good bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, light weight, only need to install the locking device to solve the above problems.
This reflects a problem. Although the market now says that the production and sales volume of composite manhole covers is very large, 85 percent are BMC plus sand manhole covers, and 10 percent are BMC without sand manhole covers. Five-fifths are SMC manhole covers (that is, manhole covers required by customers). Then the question comes again, why the market for SMC manhole covers is so small and so few people know it. Because the composite manhole cover has just entered the manhole cover market from the beginning, it has been expanding rapidly with the advantage of the low price of BMC and sand manhole covers. As a result, many users now think that the compound manhole cover is a BMC manhole cover. They have not even heard of the SMC manhole cover. This is really a cruel fact.
SMC manhole cover is made of SMC composite material, namely sheet molding compound. The main raw material is composed of special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additive, filler and various additives. It is a molding compound for the dry manufacturing of unsaturated polyester fiberglass products. It is characterized by strong toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, natural anti-theft, and high load can be achieved without reinforcing steel bars. An FN900 load cover for airport runways is a good example.
Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd main produce SMC manhole cover and then is BMC manhole cover.
SMC manhole cover
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