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Intelligent Manhole cover Makes Our Life Safety

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With the development of science and technology in our country, life can be more intelligent shopping. One mobile phone can be used without cash. All identity authentication can be through the mobile phone. The intelligent IOT, including the manhole cover, can be controlled by the mobile phone. The smart resin manhole cover produced by byster in Zibo has its own smart stainless steel lock. The main functions of the remote opening of the manhole cover are as follows:
1. manhole cover security:
Alarm: monitor whether the main cover is opened
Anti bursting: monitor the abnormal (dip angle, impact) of the sub cover to determine whether the well cover is damaged
Anti invasion: monitoring whether there is illegal entry in the underground
2. Underground environment monitoring:
Temperature: monitor whether there is abnormal temperature under the well cover
Water level: monitor whether the water level under the well cover exceeds the limit
Gas: monitor whether the content of dangerous gas (combustible, carbon dioxide and toxic gas) exceeds the standard
3. Well cover construction:
Cover opening authorization: only authorized covers can be opened, otherwise it is illegal
4. External data:
Through the open data interface, other underground equipment (cable body) monitoring data transmission remote remote control unlocking, platform monitoring. By installing intelligent manhole cover monitor, i.e. intelligent well cover IOT sensing device with sensor, it plays a huge role despite its small size.
intelligent manhole cover
Features of resin well cover:
Energy saving and environmental protection: meet the needs of environmental protection and reduce mining.
2. Wide temperature range: suitable for - 40 ℃ - 80 ℃ ambient temperature.
3. High cost performance: it can reduce the cost for users, has the characteristics of anti damage, no turning, no ultrasound, wear resistance, etc., with a service life of more than 30 years, high cost performance and low price.
4. Enhance fashion taste: beautify the city, classify and color, and improve the city taste.
5. High safety factor: anti-theft, security for life and property.
6. Easy to install and maintain: compared with the same area and volume, the compound well tool is light, nimble and easy to install, and convenient for later maintenance.
7. Technical parameters up to standard: through the inspection of international authority, the index data of compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and acid resistance are superior to those of cast iron products and concrete products.
Zibo bester energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the high-tech environmental protection new material products. Based on the purpose of "serving the society with science and technology", it is committed to the social goal and responsibility of "completely eliminating the city trap", and the social goal and responsibility of "all people working together to create a better home", making a contribution to "promoting urban civilization"
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