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Green FRP Manhole Cover And Frame With Corrosion Resistance

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FRP manhole cover and frame
Over 15years experience of covers
We design and engineer special FRP manhole cover and frame, trench covers, telecom cable cover and underground products with high strength, light weight, safety and durable performance as special project needs.
There are three types of inspection covers: steel fiber reinforced concrete inspection covers, recycled resin composite inspection covers and FRP inspection covers.
There are many kinds and formulas of composite material inspection covers, such as steel fiber reinforced concrete, fiberglass reinforced plastics, regenerated resin, silicon plastic composite, polymer matrix composite, polymer composite, etc. Because of the short development time. Market competition is fierce. Businessmen often cut corners in order to make profits. It is difficult for users to judge the quality of the product by simple methods such as appearance and feel. Therefore, composite material inspection covers must not be greedy for cheap choice of non-standard products.
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