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Benefits of SMC Cable Cover Plate For Distribution Room

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The distribution room refers to the indoor distribution place with low-voltage load, which mainly distributes electric energy for low-voltage users. It is equipped with medium voltage incoming line (with a small number of outgoing lines), distribution transformer and low-voltage distribution device. Because many cable equipment are hidden in the cable trench, it needs cable cover plate to cover the cable trench. The composite resin cable trench cover plate is a new lightweight cover plate, which is characterized by corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardancy, antistatic, anti-aging, oxidation resistance and toughness. It can be cut arbitrarily according to the required size, light weight, easy to install and open. The difference between SMC cable cover plate and common composite cover plate is that there is no reinforcement framework inside it, so its back is flat, there is no grid shape, and there is no reinforcement leakage. Because of the particularity of its material, it can reach the use standard without steel skeleton. Both sides of the cover plate are provided with stainless steel inserts, which need to be lifted by special opening tools to prevent other workers from lifting. High strength SMC sheet is used for one-time molding with high temperature by large tonnage press. It has no recycling value and will not be stolen. Short construction period, mass production. The anti-skid pattern on the panel can be customized, the logo can also be customized, and the color can also be selected, which can make the cover plate more eye-catching in the use process and remind pedestrians to pay attention to the safety of their feet. It has been widely used in distribution room, cable well, tunnel sidewalk trial.
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