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Subway Station SMC Resin Manhole Cover

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SMC manhole cover
Resin manhole cover is also called resin manhole cover, polymer manhole cover, anti-theft manhole cover and so on.
Composite resin manhole covers use unsaturated resin as the base material and long glass fiber reinforced resin manhole covers. Because the structure adopts the bottom structure of the pot, the data is evenly stressed, and continuous fiber reinforcement is applied, and no reinforcement is required. The materials are all composite materials. , And then molded once at high temperature.
High temperature/low temperature resistance, good insulation performance and strong corrosion resistance: the product is corrosion-resistant and has no metal additives, which has a significant insulation effect. Can be used in complex, changeable, harsh, and demanding places. The product has been tested by relevant testing agencies and has obvious resistance to acid and alkali and corrosion.
Environmental protection, non-slip, low noise: This product does not slip, no harsh noise and anti-interference phenomenon after the car is rolled. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product and the tight closure of the cover and seat, it overcomes other problems such as "jumping, rocking, ringing, and shifting" of other inspection manhole covers.
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