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In order to ensure the normal use of composite manhole covers, great attention should be paid to the installation quality, accurate dimensions, sturdy installation, easy to open, clean and beautiful appearance, according to the technical standards of composite manhole covers, the following specific installation rules are formulated:
1.The inner diameter (or inner length X width) of the manhole cover must be greater than or equal to the reserved wellhead size, otherwise the bearing capacity will be greatly affected.
2.During the installation, the joint surface of the well and the concrete ground must be solid, and there must be no suspended places, otherwise it will be damaged by the roller and affect the service life during construction and installation.
3.When installing a manhole cover on an asphalt pavement, care must be taken to avoid construction machinery from directly rolling over the well seat. During pavement construction, a hole slightly larger than the well seat should be reserved on the pavement and placed after the asphalt is paved.
Gas station manhole cover is a new type manhole cover developed to solve the defects of steel and iron manhole cover which are easy to be rusted and stolen, too bulky and easy to be brittle, and to improve its use function and economic and social benefits.
1. Light weight, gas station manhole cover weighs only 1/4 of iron cover, engineering installation and use of opening and closing is light and flexible.
2. Good self-locking, with self-locking function to prevent the manhole cover from jumping off the well seat after the car has passed.
3. High strength, the tensile strength of FRP material is equivalent to that of Q235 steel, the compressive strength is more than double that of C30X, and the impact resistance, vibration, fatigue, and fracture performance are better than those of steel and iron. , The strength safety conditions are easier to meet than iron manhole covers.
4. Anti-theft, glass fiber reinforced plastic products have no waste recycling value. Used as manhole covers can avoid the hidden dangers of steel manhole covers that are often stolen and sold as waste products, thereby preventing traffic accidents caused by theft of manhole covers, causing people, cars to fall in or getting stuck in the well, and reducing owners. Economic loss and accident liability.
5. Corrosion resistance. The glass fiber reinforced plastic material is naturally corrosion resistant. It is used as a manhole cover for corrosive media environments such as acid, alkali, salt, sewage, etc. It has technical and economic competitive advantages.
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