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Resin Composite Well Cover Can Withstand Multiple Pressures

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Resin composite well cover is made of glass fiber and resin as basic materials, curing agent, accelerator and other auxiliary materials. Its product features are energy-saving and environmental protection, natural anti-theft, service life, corrosion resistance, high temperature, low temperature, low noise, insulation and anti-static.
So resin composite well cover can withstand multiple pressures?
According to China's GB / t23858-2009 inspection well cover national standard and European standard en124:1994 standard for water cover and manhole cover in vehicle and pedestrian areas, the test load of BMC series composite well cover reaches f400kn; the test load of high load (50kn-900kn) SMC composite well cover produced by hz-smc sheet molding plastic reaches f900kn.
According to the bearing capacity, the composite well cover is divided into:
Heavy well cover: for municipal road traffic and heavy vehicles.
Light well cover: for public road traffic and light vehicles.
The load capacity of well cover refers to the pressure test conducted by pressure testing machine in unit area, usually heavy 40 tons. If it is through the car, the calculation formula of 5-axle heavy-duty truck is: 5-axle x 40 tons = 200 tons. Under the total weight of 200t, the heavy well cover can ensure passing.
Some manufacturers have said that the technical parameters of 80 ton vehicles, if divided by 5-axis, then the load of the well cover of the factory: 80t / 5 = 16t, which means that the load of the well cover itself is only 16 tons.
According to Item 4 of inspection well cover (GB / t23858-2009), the well cover is divided into six grades according to its bearing capacity:
Group I: (A15 type is selected as the minimum): green belt, sidewalk and other areas where motor vehicles are not allowed to enter. Capable of bearing 15 tons
Group II: (B125 type is selected as the minimum): sidewalk, non motor vehicle, car parking lot and underground parking lot. Can bear 25 tons
The third group: (C250 type is selected as the minimum): residential area, back street lane, area only driven by light vehicles or small cars, within 0.5m of curbs on both sides of the road. Capable of bearing 50 tons
Group 4: (D400 type is selected as the minimum): urban main roads, highways, expressways and other areas. Can bear 80 tons
The fifth group: (the minimum selection is E600 type): freight station, wharf, airport and other areas. Capable of bearing 120 tons
Group 6: (f900 type is selected as the minimum): airport runway and other areas can bear 180 tons
Resin well covers can be used from the first level to the third level. The fourth level belongs to heavy composite resin well covers. As we all know about cast iron well covers, the load-bearing capacity of D400 cast iron well covers is generally 40 tons, so can resin well covers also be so high? Here, the manufacturer of BEIST tells you that the heavy-duty composite resin manhole covers manufactured according to the national standard gb23858-2009 can bear f900 and 180 tons. On the market, it is said that the resin manhole covers can't reach what kind of products. Don't be misled, because the production technology capacity is not enough and there is no capacity to produce. It's not that the resin manhole covers can't reach the real good tree The grease well cover completely conforms to the six bearing standards, and even can be compared with the cast iron well cover.
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