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What's Composite Manhole Cover Characteristic?

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Composite manhole cover material has flexible molding technology, and its structure and characteristics have strong plasticity and designability. In general, the composite manhole cover is manufactured by one-step molding method with a special mold, which can improve the structural strength.
Why is the manhole cover round? Because the area of the circle is the largest and the diameter of the circle is the same, it will not fall down. If the design is square or triangular, the cover may fall down even though it is larger than the manhole. In addition, at the same time, the round shape conforms to our body shape, which is convenient for the staff to enter and leave! In real life, it is often found that the manhole covers are stolen, mainly because the strength and cost of the traditional manhole covers are relatively high, and there is a certain recycling value. However, if it is changed into composite manhole cover, the anti-theft property will be obviously improved, which is conducive to the application of the product.
composite manhole cover
Because of the particularity of the raw materials, the strength of the composite manhole cover has been obviously enhanced, and because it does not contain any iron, the anti-theft performance has become better. After comparing various manhole cover products, it is found that the comprehensive performance of the composite manhole cover is between the stone plastic manhole cover and the concrete manhole cover, so it is more suitable for the occasions with higher technical requirements.
In addition, the composite material itself has good physical and chemical properties, so the processed composite manhole cover will be very ideal in these aspects, such as lubricity, heat resistance and so on.
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