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The Advantages of Resin Composite Manhole Cover

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Composite manhole cover can be designed with different patterns according to the requirements of different customers, and its patterns are various and of different types. It can also produce a variety of different colors of composite manhole cover, the appearance of the manhole cover can be designed in different types, and its shape can also be changed. A variety of color manhole cover placed in the city or on the road, it can certainly play a very good beautification effect, composite manhole cover is composed of a variety of polymer materials, its cost is relatively low, compared with cast iron manhole cover, composite well cover meets the needs of environmental protection, reduce mining. It can reduce a lot of unnecessary waste for the company and protect our ecological environment to a certain extent. The product quality is good, the specification is complete, the national standard quality, receives the general customer consistent high praise.
BMC well cover: with compressive, bending, impact strength, toughness. After long-term use, the product will not be crushed and damaged, which can prevent the occurrence of "city black hole". Installation and maintenance: the weight of the product is only about one third of that of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and repair, and reduces the labor intensity. Natural anti-theft; according to the needs of customers and equipped with locking structure, to achieve security of property in the well. Strong weather resistance: through scientific formula, technology and perfect technical equipment, the product can be used normally in the environment of - 50 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, long service life.
composite manhole cover
What are the characteristics of SMC manhole cover produced by Zibo best energy saving material Co., Ltd. compared with the SMC manhole cover in the market? First of all, the design: non through hole lifting hole design: to prevent rainwater leakage, prevent odor. The opening hole is not easy to be damaged. The specially designed slot and seal ring ensure the sealing of the manhole cover, reduce the noise of passing through the vehicle, and improve the driving comfort. The stainless steel locking device can prevent the loss of property in the well, prevent the displacement and turnover of the manhole cover, and form safety. Prevent well water from flowing back, which will lead to urban waterlogging. The formation of urban black holes. Material: the load of manhole cover produced by high-performance SMC material is higher than that of ordinary SMC. SMC manhole cover product features: strong toughness, high load-bearing, large pulling force, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, antistatic, anti-aging and long service life. SMC composite manhole cover installation area: main road, highway, wharf, logistics park, chemical plant, gas station, sewage treatment plant.
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