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Do You Know What The FRP Composite Tree Grating Is Good For Trees

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Tree grate is also known as tree pool cover, tree protection board, tree pit cover, etc. in the urban landscape design, most of the early use of iron grate board, now some cities began to use new materials of FRP composite tree grate. The problem of soil overflow and garbage can be effectively solved by paving tree grate, thus further protecting the growth of trees and beautifying the environment. Now the FRP composite tree grate has become a scenic spot on the road, and the composite material itself has no recycling value, so it fundamentally solves the problem of man-made destruction and brings convenience to the municipal departments.
FRP composite tree grate is easy to cut, easy to install and light in texture. It can be cut according to the size of tree pit. The cover plate of tree pool is anti-interference, non-magnetic and anti ultraviolet. FRP composite tree grate is the material laid at the bottom of the tree, which has a certain protective effect on the tree root. But now the commonly used material for making tree protection board is the cover plate, so the correct method should be followed when laying and installing.
composite tree grating
According to the size and diameter of the tree pool, the sewing button on the edge can be made according to the direction. You can cut anywhere you want.
FRP composite tree grate has good corrosion performance, which can be used in various chemical substances without being corroded. This advantage can better protect the roots and prevent soil erosion and other hazards. The tree protection board has the function of self-cleaning. From product manufacturing to quality management, there are some industry standards in the tree pool cover market. In the development and design of tree pool cover products, not only the appearance and function of the products should be considered, but also the safety performance of the products should be ensured.
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