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Durable Service Life Of Gas Station Manhole Cover

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In the petrochemical industry, part of the underground pipe network is sewage facilities. In these pipelines, there are various water mixtures, such as oil, rain, combustible gas and so on. If drainage and desilting are needed on site, many wellheads connected with the ground shall be reserved. Due to the complexity of the internal medium composition of sewage facilities, a little attention will cause fire, which directly threatens our safety. At present, most petrochemical industries use composite manhole covers at the wellhead. This kind of manhole cover has good sealing performance, flame retardant and anti-static function, which eliminates the potential risk of electric spark caused by static friction in gas filling station. Light weight for opening more convenient and safe. Zibo best energy saving material Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of gas station manhole cover, which provides favorable guarantee for road traffic safety.
The gas station manhole covers are equipped with locks, and the upper cover can be locked after refueling, which is easy to install and move. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, antistatic, anti-aging, bright colors, beautiful appearance, light weight, etc. The national standard gas station manhole cover has the advantages of light weight, high strength, excellent anti fatigue performance, damage safety, simple forming, low noise, good chemical corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance and beautiful appearance. Its comprehensive performance and economic index have surpassed cast iron manhole cover, and can solve the problem of cast iron manhole cover stolen. At the same time, it can reduce the consumption of resources, which has important economic and social value.
gas station manhole cover
High strength: high polymer composite material, patent formula, high temperature molding, wear resistance, no noise, strong bearing capacity, easy installation, impact resistance, bending strength, breakage safety and anti-aging. It has better technology and practicality than similar products, such as cast iron and cement manhole covers. Wear resistant and weather resistant materials are used to meet the requirements of long-term use in different environments. It can be made into various colors to beautify the urban environment. Similar products in the design of style, surface pattern and logo, the internal and external color of the product is consistent, good visual sense; pure without flower, bright and bright, overall durable, full of vitality.
Essential features of gas station manhole cover: explosion proof: it is designed according to the requirements of explosion-proof seal, and the manhole cover has locking structure to facilitate on-site installation and maintenance; good sealing: the resin product has high density and good fit, and the sealing performance and waterproof effect can be improved after adding sealant strip; fire prevention: the material is flame-retardant, and it will not be ignited or deformed even at 150 ℃ under high temperature Anti static, non-conductive, material insulation; stable performance, no matter in high temperature, or in corrosive acid and alkali occasions, the performance is not affected. Compared with cast iron manhole cover, SMC gas station manhole cover is light in weight, convenient in maintenance, and saves transportation and later maintenance costs. In addition to the conventional size, it can also be customized according to the drawing or the sample.
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