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Composite Manhole Cover Is At The Forefront Of The Times

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Composite manhole cover is at the forefront of the development of the times, escorting technology
Instead of the traditional cast iron manhole cover, composite materials not only make overall plans from the technical aspect, but also use new schemes and add innovative elements to bring professional technical guarantee for science and technology. Zibo Best enrgy-saving mateirals co., ltd. will give you a detailed understanding of the new technology.

SMC manhole coverAccording to the test of national authoritative department, the bearing capacity is more than 50tons, and all indexes are beyond the national standard, and also exceed ohter domestic composite material manhole covers. Most suitable for municipal engineering, fast lane use, products are slod all over the country, and a large number of exports overseas, the product is the most ideal replacement of cast iron manhole cover/
The composite manhole cover is made of SMC resin and other materials. The product has high density, high hardness, high pressure, light weight, corrosion resistance, antioaging and so on.
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