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Polymer resin trench cover plate supplied by composite cable cover manufacturer
What should be paid attention to in cable cover construction technology? Cable trench construction should not only pay attention to the safety performance, but also pay attention to the beautiful effect. Therefore, in the project construction, we should pay special attention to some technical points, so that the project can be done well. Now Zibo bester energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. will tell you about the four key points of cable trench cover construction technology. If you are a construction worker, you must look carefully, I think it will be helpful for you Help.
What should be paid attention to in cable cover construction technology?
1. The drawings shall be prepared in advance, and the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. Attention shall be paid to the plane position, elevation and flow direction of side ditch.
2. The formwork of ditch body shall be removed slowly to avoid damaging the edges and corners of side ditch. After the formwork is removed, it shall be covered with felt cloth or geotextile in time for curing.
3. During the installation of the side ditch cover plate, the mortar shall be used to level the top of the concrete side ditch wall. In addition, the top surface of the cover plate shall be roughened during the construction of the level crossing pavement. After the construction, the cover plate shall be covered for curing in time, and the concrete shall be released after the concrete strength reaches 80%.
4. During the construction of cable cover plate, cast-in-place concrete shall be vibrated evenly in the side ditch during concrete pouring, and the vibration shall not be conducted at the same position for a long time; in addition, attention shall be paid to cleaning and washing the concrete leaked on the road surface, and it is strictly forbidden to pollute the road surface.
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Zibo bester energy saving material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing composite cable cover. Since its establishment in 2004, it has produced high standard products in strict accordance with national standards. The main products are composite manhole cover, cable cover, rainwater grate, trench cover plate, tree pool cover plate, etc. Through long-term market promotion and wide range of use, the company's high-strength composite manhole cover, and other series of products have won the trust of the majority of users with their excellent quality.
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