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Telecom Inspection Cable Cover Made By Composite Materials

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Product advantages:
(1) long service life: the company has a perfect quality assurance system to ensure that products meet the ISO9001 quality management system standard, the national standard and the European standard (EN124:1994), the product's anti-aging index reaches more than three grade, and the service life is longer.
(2) High product strength
cable cover
(3) Beautiful appearance: the surface pattern design of the composite cable cover plate is exquisite, which plays a good role in beautifying the urban environment.
(4) Light weight: the products made of composite materials have strong toughness and can effectively reduce labor costs in the process of production, handling, installation and use, which is an environmental protection product.
(5) The product is anti-theft: the synthetic material has no recycling value, so it can effectively reduce all kinds of personal and property accidents caused by the loss of cable cover plate.
(6) High product precision: the cover seat seam gap of the product molded by high temperature molding is smaller, and the sealing performance is better, and the noise problems such as "running, jumping and noise" of cast iron products are eliminated.
SMC cable cover
(7) Stable product performance: the high molecular weight material with high molecular weight, stable chemical performance and strong stability is selected as the raw material for the composite cable cover plate. Through scientific formula and advanced technology, the product can maintain stable performance in high and low temperature environment, will not become brittle, and has a longer service life.
(8) Strong corrosion resistance: the stability of the product has been tested by the national chemical building materials testing center. It has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and has obvious advantages in practical application.
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