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European Standard EN124 SMC Composite Manhole Cover

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Even though manhole cover is a very common road covering building materials. In the 21st centry, SMC composite manhole cover appears in front of the world as a new type of high-strength manhole cover, which is popular with builders in Europe, Australia, America, Africa and other regions. 
The composite manhole cover maerials has no recycling value and avoid the stolen problem. The appearance style can be customized according to the user's drawings, whether it is the structure or the color can meet one. Acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, anti-static, strong toughness.As a SMC manhole cover manufacturer, we has been focusing on the research and development of well cover for 15 years. The sealing features, waterproof features, damping features, locking features, intelligence and so on of well cover can be designed and realized.
SMC sheet can not only be used in well covers and other building materials, but also in the fields of automobile, aviation, ship, industry, medicine and so on. It is an indispensable high-strength material in the 21st century.
The quality and safety of manhole cover cannot be ignored, because it is closely related to our daily travel safety, so we need to choose the national standard manhole cover manufacturers to cooperate to ensure the road traffic safety. 
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