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Load Bearing Capacity 90tons Fiberglass Composite Manhole Cover

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Composite manhole cover is a kind of manhole cover with large demand at present. It is made of high-strength composite materials by high-temperature molding process. It can be divided into BMC manhole cover and SMC manhole cover. Today, I will talk about this kind of high-load SMC manhole cover. It is made of high-strength SMC sheet long glass fiber by high-temperature molding process. It is characterized by strong toughness, high bearing capacity, and is a kind of property The manhole cover with a very high price ratio meets the current market demand of building materials in terms of service life and price.
Founded in 2004, Zibo bester energy-saving material Co., Ltd. is a professional heavy-duty composite manhole cover manufacturer, which has been used for a long time in CNPC, Sinopec gas station, logistics park, freight station, port wharf, motorway, passenger transport center, urban main road, expressway and other places, and it also has insulation, flame retardant, natural anti-theft, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance And so on.
Manhole cover safety is very important for our daily travel. As a manhole cover manufacturer, we should strictly implement the production standards in accordance with the national standards and make a contribution to the road public safety.
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