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The Difference of Resin Manhole Cover and Cast Iron Cover

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We often see on urban roads of resin manhole cover and cast iron manhole cover . If we want to say which is better, we can have a comprehensive understanding from the material, use and other aspects.
1, material:
Resin manhole cover: it belongs to composite material.
Cast iron cover: it belongs to ferrous material. The force is stronger than the resin.
2. Molding method
Resin manhole cover: molded. The smoothness is better than that of cast iron.
Cast iron well cover: molten iron casting.
resin manhole cover
3. Market recognition
Resin well cover: anti theft, strong acid and alkali resistance. Stand the wind and the sun. The service life is basically 20-50 years.
Cast iron manhole cover: easy to steal, acid and alkali resistant, normal service life 5-10 years.
Comprehensive cast iron has a resin cover can not be replaced, strong bearing capacity. In other words, resin manhole covers are currently dominant.
Note: the manhole covers are light and heavy, and the road is heavy. Generally, cast iron manhole covers are used, but some resin manhole covers also meet the bearing standard, and the price is cheaper than cast iron. For example, green belts and sidewalks, the pressure they need to bear is not great, so the cost of selecting cast iron manhole covers is large. Therefore, resin manhole cover and cast iron well cover have their own advantages. Which is better, it needs to be determined according to the actual use situation.
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