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SMC Cable Cover Use First Grade Raw Materials

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The SMC cable cover in distribution room is usually made of composite material, which is made of SMC sheet molding compound by high temperature molding process. The prominent feature is that the material has no recycling value and will not be stolen, which ensures the safety of cable cover.
The selection of SMC cable cover material is based on the purpose of cable cover. SMC cable cover has high requirements for strength, especially compressive strength, nodulus, tensile strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, bearing capacity and long service life. Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd. cable cover, have good toughness and high bearing capacity. There id no reinforcement framework inside, and there will be no reinforcement leakage, which is very safe. The approriate cable cover can be selected according to the size of the plat.
Composite cable cover can also be customized in various ways, such as color, anti-skid pattern, log, style etc., to meet the needs of various trenches in complex environment, and more importantly to ensure the safety of pedestrians.
SMC cable cover
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