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Strong Quality Control Of SMC Manhole Cover Factory

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With the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the demand for manhole covers, which are the supporting facilities of new communities and roads, is increasing rapidly. However, the cost of traditional cast iron manhole cover is high, the thrft is serious, and the noise pollution caused by the collision and friction between metal covers and metal bases is serious, which has been a problem for all constriction departments. The glass fiber reinforced plastic manhole cover is mainly made of unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, which is modified by a variety of materials. After forming, it has not only high strength and beautiful appearance, but also good electrical insulation performance, water-proof, aging resistan, acid and alkali resistant, high strength, impact resistan, wear-resistant, antistatic, natural anti-theft and other characteristics. It has become an ideal alternative product for cast iron manhole cover.
The high-quality SMC sheet long glass fiber produced by Zibo Best Has strong toughness, good resilience, strong compression resistance, and bearing capacity of more then 80 tons. It is a manhole cover that is very promising by the engineering construction department now, and also the first choice to replace the cast iron manhole cover. No matter where the chemical plant is highly corrosive, or where the gas station must be flame retardant and antistatic, SMC composite manhole cover can be satisfied.
It has been 15 years since Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd. production of high quality SMC manhole covers. It serves the public with quality, feeds back customers with safety.
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