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Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Tree Grating

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Several kinds of tree grating: at present, there are common cast iron, resin composite and other varieties on the market. Installing grid tree protection board in the tree pool can protect the root of trees, reduce water evaporation and reduce water and soil loss. After using the grid tree protection board, the tree pit and tree pool can be parallel to the sidewalk ground, so as to eliminate the unsafe potential of tripping when passers-by walk, improve the urban cultural taste and beautify the urban environment.
Advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of material tree grating: cast iron tree grating are easy to rust, and easy to be stolen by lawbreakers; resin composite grid tree protection boards are expensive due to resin raw materials, but their materials are light, easy to transport and install in the use process, good use effect, and colors can be randomly modulated, Various patterns; our company's grid tree protection board is easy to be colored and can be tinted at will, with high strength, rolling resistance, good toughness, convenient installation, and no metal, obvious anti-theft performance, price advantage, more importantly, it can change the design size at any time according to the user's wishes.
tree grating
tree grating is mainly used for trees in street green belt, park and other public green places. Grid tree protection board is used for the root of trees to keep the soil loose and absorb water and other nutrients to protect the water and soil loss of trees. The grid tree protection board is made of resin, light and easy to install. Parallel to the sidewalk floor to prevent pedestrian injury. Maybe when many citizens walk on the road, they will notice that there are more lattices around the tree holes of the street trees. Originally, this is the city green management center in view of the problem of uneven tree holes, installed grid tree protection board for tree holes.
The main body of the composite tree grating is composed of two or four symmetrical plates, the center of the cover plate body is provided with tree holes, and a plurality of water leakage holes are arranged around the tree holes. It is mainly used in the tree pool of greening landscape trees on both sides of the street to protect soil erosion and beautify the environment.
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