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Features of Composite Telecom Electrical Cable Cover

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The performance is very stable, whether it is used in high temperature, or in corrosive acid and alkali occasions, the performance is not affected by it. In addition, the method of sandwiching sand in production can be used to achieve the characteristics of enhanced anti-skid performance.
telecom inspection cover
High accuracy: The gap between the cover and the joint is small, because the product is molded by high temperature molding. Overcome the problems of "running, jumping, ringing" of cast iron and cement cable trench cover.
Convenient: It brings great convenience to assembly, inspection and protection. The weight of the same format product is only one third of the cast iron cover. And in accordance with customer requests to produce a variety of formats and colors of products, even in control, and beautify the city.
If you want to extend the service life of the cable trench cover, it will be better to do so in the construction process. How to determine the cable cover specification, you only need to inform the manufacturer according to the actual situation.
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