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High Load Without Reinforced SMC Composite Manhole Cover

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I'm sure most of the compound covers with steel bars have been seen, but have you seen the covers without steel bars? The composite well cover with reinforcement is usually called BMC well cover. The BMC well cover adopts short glass fiber and unsaturated resin. Because of the small toughness and low bearing capacity of short glass fiber, it needs to combine with reinforcement to strengthen the load. Even with reinforcement assistance, the reinforcement is made of metal material, which is different from the bending coefficient of composite material, so it can not make the well cover reach high load. The compound well cover without reinforcement is usually called SMC manhole cover. SMC well cover adopts sheet long glass fiber to enhance the load. Without reinforcement, the well cover can meet the national standard. The two kinds of well covers are different in material, bearing capacity and use environment. BMC well covers are suitable for sidewalk, green belt, non motor vehicle lane and other areas. SMC covers are suitable for freight stations, main roads, logistics parks, agricultural markets and other places. The composite well cover material has no recycling value, which eliminates the theft of the well cover. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-static, flame-retardant, high strength, and low quality, easy installation, and low transportation cost. Its appearance is to replace those traditional well covers. The development prospect is very good.
composite manhole cover
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