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Control Points And Safety Of Compound Manhole Cover

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In order to ensure the stability and safety of the composite well cover, it is necessary to control the factors in all aspects and strictly follow the design drawings. It is generally required to control the following places.
1. The removal of the ditch body formwork shall be carried out slowly to avoid damaging the edges and corners of the side ditch. After the removal of the formwork, the felt cloth or geotextile shall be used to cover and maintain the health in time. In order to ensure normal use, attention should be paid to the installation quality, not only the accuracy of the size, but also the convenience of opening, cleanness and beauty.
2. When installing the composite cover pouring concrete side ditch, the vibration shall be uniform and not be vibrated at the same place for a long time; in addition, pay attention to clean and wash the concrete missed on the road surface, and do not pollute the road surface.
3. It is required that the plane position, elevation and flow direction of the side ditch shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the construction design drawings during the construction of the soil side ditch.
4. It shall be clearly specified that mortar shall be used for leveling on the top of concrete side ditch wall during installation. In addition, the top surface of cover plate shall be roughened during the construction of pavement layer of level crossing. After the construction is completed, it shall be covered and cured in time, and it shall be released after the concrete strength reaches 80%.
Compared with the traditional cast iron cover, the composite cover made of new composite material has good safety performance, which is shown in the following aspects:
1. Composite cover can effectively reduce noise. Because the cast iron cover is mainly made of metal, when the vehicle passes by, the well cover will produce noise and disturb the nearby residents. The composite cover solves this problem well.
2. Compared with the strange products of the same specification, the weight of the composite cover is only one third of that of the cast iron cover, which provides convenience for installation and maintenance.
3. The new composite cover uses a new reinforced support, even in the event of destructive load, there will be no crushing phenomenon.
It can be seen from the above content that the high performance and stability of compound manhole cover are also of practical significance for reducing roads.
With the continuous development of technology, well cover, as a common municipal and architectural material, has developed rapidly. Here are the installation precautions for the composite well cover:
1、 In order to keep the appearance of the cover beautiful and the surface pattern and handwriting clear, a thin iron sheet or wood plate shall be used to cover the well cover during the construction of asphalt pavement, and the black well cover can also be brushed with waste oil to prevent the asphalt from spraying on the well cover
2、 The inner diameter, length x width and square circle of the brick masonry of the well cover shall be determined according to the well cover size designed by the Design Institute, which can also be executed according to the corresponding standards. A concrete protection ring with a width of 40cm shall be cast around the well cover, and the maintenance period shall be more than 10 days
3、 When installing the well cover on the asphalt pavement, it is necessary to avoid the construction machinery directly rolling the well seat. During the integral casting of the pavement, a hole slightly larger than the well seat shall be reserved on the pavement and placed after the asphalt pavement is completed
4、 After the well base is poured or paved with asphalt by concrete, the well cover shall be opened and cleaned in time to avoid mortar or asphalt from pouring the inspection well cover and the base into one, so as not to affect the opening in the future
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